Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Saturday night's alright

I went out for a dinner date with the husband on Saturday and decided to wear some orange peg-leg trousers I got for a bargain in the River Island sale. I also had to include some Leopard print - the lifelong obsession is still going strong it would appear...

I was hoping to take photos while we were actually out but:
1) I forgot my camera
2) We ended up staying out really late <translation: got very drunk!!>

We had a good time though which is all that counts!

Siân  xx

Gorgeous summer evening

Jacket:    TRF @ Mango
Vest:      ASOS
Trousers:  River Island

Shoes:     Primark
Bag:       Miss Selfridge
Cameo:     Vintage (via Ebay)
Earrings:  Freedom @ Topshop

Monday, 11 July 2011

Baby love

Some friends of ours celebrated their little boys 1st birthday with a BBQ on Saturday, so we popped in for the afternoon. We were one of the few couples without children so felt a tiny little bit left out...
That was soon forgotten once we got home, drank loads of wine and planned our next long-haul holiday!!

Joking aside though, it was lovely to see all our friends and their amazing little people in one place. It is crazy to think just 18 months ago none of them were around...

Siân xx

My slightly inappropriate outfit for a baby BBQ (hot girl side boob/smoking t-shirt + heels) Plus, pretty sure it looks like some grubby mits tried to cop a feel...of her, not me ;-)

Grubby mits?

Why don't they make shoes like this anymore?

Hat:     River Island
Tee:     Brandy Melville
Belt:    ASOS
Jeans:  H&M
Shoe:   Gina (vintage)
Bag:    River Island

All in the detail....

For some reason I couldn't get a full-length outfit shot I was happy with on Thursday - my designated photographer needs to step his game up :)

I was wearing a cream lace dress from Primarn, Topshop cardie, ASOS belt, black tights and leopard booties. I also wore one of my birthday pressies for the first time - a gold/black bow necklace by Ted Baker.  

I got given another necklace which I will post about soon but I love that this one is borderline kitsch i.e. right up my street!

Siân x

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Elie Saab Haute Couture Winter 2011/2012

When I was first looking at wedding dresses, I would have given my right arm for an Elie Saab gown. Unfortunately as I'm not rolling in dosh, nor am I an A-list celeb who gets given couture, it was never going to happen <sighs>

Anyway, Mr. Saab showed his latest couture collection in Paris last night and he did not disappoint.

I will let some of the absolutely gorgeous dresses speak for themselves   <Sighs. Again>

Siân x

elie saab bridal gown

A creation by Lebanese designer Elie Saab

See more: Vogue Catwalk Report

Images: International Business News

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dust yourself off and try again

I am really annoyed at myself for not posting outfits on here like I said I would... A combination of not being prepared in the mornings, and someone else being around to take the photos means I keep wearing all the same stuff - day in, day out.

I must try harder!!!

Siân  xx

My birthday this year with my beloved :)