Sunday, 25 September 2011

Yummy Mummy Winter Wardrobe

I often get asked for outfit ideas for specific occassions so Im going to start dedicating some weekend posts to these.

First up is for my wonderful besty Cat.
Beautiful bridesmaid at my wedding :-)

With 3 gorgeous boys to look after, Cat wants to revamp her wardrobe to be more yummy than Mummy!
So, the aim of the game is a capsule wardrobe to mix and match during the week - with a few special pieces for the weekend....

Casual day wear...

My favourite look at the moment is definitely layering tshirts/vests and fine knits over leggings. Keep this up to date with wetlook/leather leggings and ankle boots. This Miss Selfridge cover-up looks great belted at the waist, or left open - I have it in black and it comes in animal print too!

Miss Selfridge £32
Topshop £32
River Island £25
Report boots @ ASOS £120

Thursday, 22 September 2011

sit back down where you belong

It's the weekend!! Ok, so not quite but who cares - it's Friday tomorrow and I can't wait to have 2 days away from work. I've been there for over 3 years so I'm starting to feel like part of the furniture!

On the plus side, we've booked a sneaky little holiday in 2 weeks so I will finally get some sun on my whiter-than-white face, yippee! Slightly weird to get back in summer clothes now that I'm in tights and knitwear, but never mind - I'm super excited! We are renting a posh villa so I get to be lady muck for a week and drink cocktails at 11am - yeah buddy! *Fist pumps*

Anyway, this is me today. Well, earlier today. Right now I'm in a leopard print dressing gown and mismatched Pj's. I dont care how 'avant-garde' your style, no one would argue that this shiz looks good! 

Siân  xx

Cardigan:   H&M (old)
Dress:      Miss Selfridge
Belt:       ASOS
Tights:     Generic black opaques

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Grey, grey day

I think this is the first time I have posted an outfit the same day I wore it! High five! I am definitely getting more organised. Although, I've realised another downside to my early morning shots - check out how tired I look in these pictures! I had better get an early night tonight... aah crap, it's already 9.45pm 10.30!! Woe is me.

So, lack of sleep aside, today I was wearing a maxi skirt and tights. With a jumper. AND a jacket! I will be honest, the jacket didn't make it out the front door (it wasn't quite cold enough) but still...bbbrrrrrr!

Oh, and just so you know - wearing opaque tights under a maxi skirt doesn't make it any less see-through. Woe indeed.

Siân xx
Ps: I am totally in love with this Balmain/Chanel knock-off Zara jacket so expect to see it A LOT over the next few months!

Jacket:     Zara
Jumper:     H&M (old)
Belt:       ASOS
Maxi:       New Look
Boots:      Office
Eye bags:   Money can't buy those bad-boys

'Seriously, what is that..?'

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Early morning outfit

This is an outfit I wore during the week - Wednesday I believe - and marks the first time I've used my tripod and self timer to take the shots. It's not that my husband photographer wasn't up to scratch, I'm just a bit too much of a control freak. Plus, I felt like a bit of a poser (and not in a good way) so it's probably best to make a prat of myself on my own!

Anyway, I had to get up ridiculously early to make sure I had enough time, but as the sun had just come up the light was really nice. Photo geek! 

I'll be honest though, I'm not relishing the idea of freezing my toosh off doing outside shots in Winter, plus it's dark till, like, lunchtime... I'm gonna have to move the posing indoors!

Siân xx

Kimono:     Vila @ ASOS
Black top:  Primarn
Jeans:      Miss Selfridge
Boots:      Office
Necklace:   American Eagle Outfitters

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

2011 Wedding #2

Wedding #2 of 4 - done!

A friend of ours got married a few weeks back and we had another wonderful day celebrating with the gorgeous bride and her new hubby. The weather was freakishly hot - one day of blazing sunshine at the end of a cold rainy week - and the location was beautiful.

As per usual we got a bit merry on champers, wine and a few sneaky shots at the end! I'm ashamed to admit I think I am drunkity drunk drunk in these pictures - although they came out pretty good so maybe that's an approach I should adopt going forward!
Perhaps not the ones I take before work though....

Dress:      Vintage
Belt:       ASOS
Bag:        Miss Selfridge
Bracelet:   H&M
Sunnies:    Anthropologie
Earrings:   ASOS
Wine:       Classy girl, couldn't even put it down for a photo...
Shadow:     The husband

It's been a while....

So. I haven't blogged in a while...

Not quite sure why - I think I was questioning if I have the commitment to keep it up. Working all day on a computer means it's hard to get home and turn it back on to blog.

But, I've missed doing it and being shortlisted for the Look competition must mean I am doing something right - even if I didn't get any further. To be honest, I was so chuffed to get to the final 20 and that's good enough... for now anyway!

So, enough of the soul-searching, that's not what I'm here for - bring on the clothes!

Normal service is resumed
Siân xx