Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sleepy Tuesday

Where did the weekend go?! I can't beleive it's Tuesday already - no more Bank Holidays till Christmas!

It was Reading Festival this weekend and for the first time in years, we didn't go. I'm kind of glad because the weather was hideous but I was still a bit miserable - especially as I could hear The Strokes quite clearly from my house!

To make up for it we went shopping in London on Saturday, and spent time with family and friends the rest of the weekend. We had a couple of late nights and too much wine over the 3 days, so I am really tired today - as if you cant tell from the pics below!

Wearing black doesn't help me look anymore alive but I am officialy dressing for Autumn now.

I'm late for work too so better run!
Siân xx

Oversize cover-up:    Miss Selfridge
Black t-shirt (old):  Mango
Necklace (gift):      American Eagle Outfitters
Jeans:                Miss Selfridge
Boots:                Office
Bags under eyes:      All mine 

Friday, 26 August 2011

English Mustard

I went out for dinner on Wednesday and finally wore my new mustard shoes. They are amazingly comfy for a pair of stilettos and so easy to walk in - shame I can't say the same about my friend who wore the highest pair of Loubou's I have ever seen!! There was an incident with a nasty piece of glass which means I don't think she can wear them again, poor thing. (Hope it's all better now poppet!)

I paired the shoes with a red check shirt that I've had for ages, and navy skinnies. I also got this gorgeous mock snakeskin belt from Zara which, being real leather, was a bargain at £20. I am always impressed with the packaging when ordering online from Zara - something other retailers could learn a thing or two from, it's not always about fast delivery...

Have a good Friday everyone

Siân xx

Red shirt (old):     Primark
Navy skinny jeans:   H&M
Yellow leather belt: Zara
Yellow suede shoes:  Topshop
Grey leather bag:    Vintage

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


So, Monday was interesting...

I found out I've been shortlisted for the Look Magazine blogging competition!!! Holy cr@p! I'm in the final 20 from over 300 entries!!! I am so grateful and so happy - thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I thought I would leave it a day to blog the good news as I was a big ol' gibbering mess yesterday. I still can't quite believe it. All the other shortlistees have amazing blogs (some really established) so I definitely feel like a small fish in a big pond. Getting this far is a huge deal for me and my newbie blog - I think I might faint if I make the top 5 <crosses fingers>

So, roll on next Tuesday when we all get put out of our misery - until then, we can all enjoy being in the running!!

(Super chuffedSiân xx

Monday, 22 August 2011

Seeing stars

Started experimenting with this seasons must-have print: stars. Not sure how much I will invest in it though, it feels a bit over-done already.

Also, I've been p!ssing about with filters and settings on my camera so this shot is a little over-exposed - on purpose, obviously..!

Saturday 20th August

This little birdie should be nearer the bun...oops

Grey Cardigan:         Topshop
Star print Top:        New Look
Orange Jeans:          H&M
White pumps:           H&M
Blue leather bag:      Topshop
Sunnies:               Anthropologie (LA)
Pearls:                H&M
Nails:                 Illamasqua 'Collide'
Swallow hair thingy:   ASOS

Weekend wears

So I didn't wear my new shoes over the weekend after all - I didn't want to risk getting them wet without scotch-guarding them first. How very grown up of me!

We went out for dinner on Friday with some good friends, and Saturday was spent visiting family. Yesterday I started the mammoth task of sorting through all my old clothes and shoes to make way for new AW goodies! I need to do a car boot sale to get rid of everything that's not Ebay-able but getting up at 5.30am on a Sunday is not my idea of fun...

Friday nights effort...
(I'm still getting to grips with the best place for outfit shots, so excuse the different locations over the next few posts)

Blouse:          ASOS
Navy skinnies:   H&M
Clutch:          Fiorelli
Bracelet:        H&M
Shoes:           Dune
Silly expression: All mine....

Friday, 19 August 2011

Yellow pointy courts. With a bow, for frick's sake!

They've arrived!

After being out of stock for a little while, I thought I had missed the boat on these lovelies...
On a whim, I checked back yesterday and they were in stock again - yipee! So, with the magic of t'internet shopping and next day delivery, they are mine!!

Worth the £65? Definitely. The on-trend shape will go with pretty much anything - I will be teaming mine with some dark blue ankle-grazers later. They are a gorgeous soft suede and a much richer mustard then they appear online. They aren't too high and are really comfy. In short, a suprisingly beautiful pair of shoes.

Aah the first flush of love...

A fiver says they will hurt like a b!tch after 10 mins and I'll be cursing the day I set eyes on them! Story of my life.

No outfit post today as I'm internet shopping working from home but will take these newbies out on the town tonight & post the results tomorrow.

Siân xx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tell me about it, Stud...

I'm still in love with all things studded and am deciding if £300 is too much money for a pair of these bad boys...
Ok, I KNOW it's too much money but I've wanted them for ever  <sigh>
Anyway, the lovely ladies over at SameCookiesDifferent have inspired me to DIY-stud a pair of Converse Chucks so that might just take the edge off!
Now all I need to do is DIY an Alexander Wang handbag to match!
Siân  xx

Monday, 15 August 2011

Look Show AW11 Blog competition entry


After toying with the idea for a few days, I've finally decided to go for it - this is my entry to the Look Magazine Blog Competition...

Why should I sit Front Row at the Look Show AW11? Discuss...

Up until a few years ago, my working life was solely based around fashion. Glorious, wonderful fashion. I spent many years in Visual Merchandising for a very well known, very fashion forward, High Street brand. I'm not sure I'm allowed to say which one, so I wont!!

'I work in Fashion Merchandising' (video courtesy of Taylor McComb)

After 10 years in retail I decided to take a break and go out into the big, bad world of Corporate IT. So I now work in a company with offices all over the world -  a company who employs people in the hundreds of thousands... It's as far removed from fashion as you can get.


The day I walked into the office in wedges and Palazzo's I may as well have turned up in a Bart Simpson costume. My leopard print obsession doesn't go down too well either, but I soldier on regardless. I'm just waiting for the cold weather so I can waltz in wearing my leather pencil skirt and watch the jaws hit the floor...

So, what has this got to do with sitting Frow at the show?
Answer = Everything!!

Fashion has been in my blood since I was a child. I used to lecture my (much older) sister on updated ways of wearing our shell suits - I can't have been much older than 9! Fashion is what I know, fashion is what gets me through the day. I have more fashion magazines in my house than I've had hot dinners - as Kate says, nothing tastes as good as...ah who am I trying to kid, I read Look while I eat my hot dinners!

Anyway, I started my blog because I was going crazy not being involved with fashion everyday - the trends, the fabrics, the new shapes. And shoes, I ADORE shoes!! Vintage pointy courts are my favourite so, as you can imagine, I almost passed out with joy that it's a key style for AW... I am literally beside myself! Wait till the corporate bunnies see me in that leather skirt and some box-fresh mustard courts - it will be bedlam!!

My babies!

In short, I am fiercely protective of, and incredibly loyal to, the British High Street. I believe we have the best brands in the world. I buy Look religiously because it is the best magazine for championing High Street fashion, and it never disappoints. To sit front row of the AW show and then report back on this blog would be a dream come true.

My blog may only be a fledgling one, but I'm getting there. And I love it :)

Siân xx

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Epic hangover #9839850985


In the immortal words of Rachel Green 'I think there was a restaurant... I know there was wine'

Last nights outfit below

Siân Zzzzzzzzzz

River Island jumpsuit/Zara knit/ASOS belt/KG by Kurt Geiger shoes/Vintage bag

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Saturday stripes

Short post of my outfit today. The weather is a bit weird at the moment - cloudy but warm and then raining the next minute - so choosing what to wear is a nightmare... I'm looking forward to it getting cooler so I can get my AW11 on. I love summer but I'm a big fan of layering and knitwear so Winter is better for me!

I quite fancy getting dressed up and going out tonight, just got to convince the husband that he does too - fingers crossed... I wont be posting the outfit if we end up staying in, that's for sure.

Siân xx

Sunglasses:         ASOS
Shirt:              Topshop
Vest:               ASOS
Tan belt:           New Look
Navy skinnies :     H&M
Pointyflats:        ASOS
Bag:                Zara

Friday, 12 August 2011

2011 Wedding #1

This time last week we were at the wedding of our very good friends 
Siân and James, and had an absolutely amazing time!! Unfortunately I didn't get any photos as my camera died but it did mean I got to enjoy the day, rather than be stuck behind a lens the whole time....

The bride looked stunning, the sun was shining and my beloved did a brilliant job with the best man speech. We ate, drank and danced till the early hours of Saturday and I loved every minute.  All in all, it was a perfect day.

I wore a vintage dress that I found in Frock and Roll in Reading. She fits like a glove and is the most amazing peach colour - the photo doesn't really do it justice (also, not quite sure why i look like a midget - i was almost 6 ft in my heels!!) It has beautiful pearl and sequin embellishment to the front and I got a lot of compliments... Now I just need an excuse to wear her again

Siân xx 

Me and my best man xx

Dress detail

Just married x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Close up #1

Another thing I am slightly obsessed with is the Macro setting on my camera. I love the images you can get from taking a really close up shot of something - especially when you can't tell what it is, but it's still interesting.

Siân  xx

Mohair jumper

Floor lights, Crystals shopping mall, Las Vegas

Wall tiles, Cabo San Lucas Marina, Mexico

'LV' wall treatment - Louis Vuitton store, Las Vegas

Skyscraper, Financial District, NYC


Pink rose


Wall of water - Aria Hotel, Las Vegas


Colour palettes

Although it has been over 3 years since I was a Visual Merchandiser, I still look at everyday things in terms of colour palettes and their visual impact. I like playing around with different colour stories at home and using it to create outfit choices I might not have thought of before.

I also still find myself critiquing the merchandising and outfit builds in most stores, which I'm sure is the reason why no one comes shopping with me anymore!! I am thinking of doing some posts on it - kind of like a VM mystery shop... I really miss doing the job (even though I turned down a chance to go back a few months ago) so it would be a good way to keep up to date. 

Siân  xx