Friday, 26 August 2011

English Mustard

I went out for dinner on Wednesday and finally wore my new mustard shoes. They are amazingly comfy for a pair of stilettos and so easy to walk in - shame I can't say the same about my friend who wore the highest pair of Loubou's I have ever seen!! There was an incident with a nasty piece of glass which means I don't think she can wear them again, poor thing. (Hope it's all better now poppet!)

I paired the shoes with a red check shirt that I've had for ages, and navy skinnies. I also got this gorgeous mock snakeskin belt from Zara which, being real leather, was a bargain at £20. I am always impressed with the packaging when ordering online from Zara - something other retailers could learn a thing or two from, it's not always about fast delivery...

Have a good Friday everyone

Siân xx

Red shirt (old):     Primark
Navy skinny jeans:   H&M
Yellow leather belt: Zara
Yellow suede shoes:  Topshop
Grey leather bag:    Vintage

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SH said...

Awesome heels.

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