Saturday, 13 August 2011

Saturday stripes

Short post of my outfit today. The weather is a bit weird at the moment - cloudy but warm and then raining the next minute - so choosing what to wear is a nightmare... I'm looking forward to it getting cooler so I can get my AW11 on. I love summer but I'm a big fan of layering and knitwear so Winter is better for me!

I quite fancy getting dressed up and going out tonight, just got to convince the husband that he does too - fingers crossed... I wont be posting the outfit if we end up staying in, that's for sure.

Siân xx

Sunglasses:         ASOS
Shirt:              Topshop
Vest:               ASOS
Tan belt:           New Look
Navy skinnies :     H&M
Pointyflats:        ASOS
Bag:                Zara


Sasha said...

this outfit is really cute, I like all about it:)

CeCe Bloom said...

Thank you!

Sian x

Anonymous said...

Great blog!! I like it!!!
Can you follow each other? :)