Monday, 22 August 2011

Weekend wears

So I didn't wear my new shoes over the weekend after all - I didn't want to risk getting them wet without scotch-guarding them first. How very grown up of me!

We went out for dinner on Friday with some good friends, and Saturday was spent visiting family. Yesterday I started the mammoth task of sorting through all my old clothes and shoes to make way for new AW goodies! I need to do a car boot sale to get rid of everything that's not Ebay-able but getting up at 5.30am on a Sunday is not my idea of fun...

Friday nights effort...
(I'm still getting to grips with the best place for outfit shots, so excuse the different locations over the next few posts)

Blouse:          ASOS
Navy skinnies:   H&M
Clutch:          Fiorelli
Bracelet:        H&M
Shoes:           Dune
Silly expression: All mine....

1 comment:

Fashion Cappuccino said...

What a gorgeous blouse! I really like your shoes too! Lovely outfit! xoxoxoo