Wednesday, 29 June 2011

1 year

To my most favourite person in all the land

Thank you for the best year of my life; I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Love you billions

The best day of my life
 (Photo courtey of Jamie Bott Wedding Photography)

Surprise birthday/anniversary trip to NYC

After months of dreading it, I finally turned 30 last week, booo...

But, we celebrated it with a suprise trip to New York(!!!) so it wasn't all bad!

I knew my wonderful husband had arranged a weekend away but he kept the destination secret for months. He eventually told me a few days before we flew out, mainly because he knows I am a closet control freak and had to plan our intenary to the minute!

We had the most amazing time and I loved every single minute. The first afternoon we had rain (the like of which I have never seen before) & the next 3 days were hot, hot, hot! I absolutely fell in love with the city and I didnt want to leave. 

We stayed at the gorgeous Setai on 5th Avenue which is right in the center of Manhattan. The staff were really friendly and helpful - I came back to the room on my birthday to find some chocolates and a birthday card, as well as champagne on arrival at the restaurant later on. Perfect! 

Just thinking about it makes me want to go back... maybe next year

Siân  xx

Some of my favourite pics from the trip

View of Manhattan from River Cafe, Brooklyn

5th Avenue from the steps of NY
Public Library

First day: rain + jetlag = coffee time
Breakfast on 37th and 5th

Padlocks on Brooklyn Bridge
Central Park

Birthday chocs courtesy of the hotel

Colour coordinating in the Meatpacking District!

Outside from inside the Public Library