Monday, 22 August 2011

Seeing stars

Started experimenting with this seasons must-have print: stars. Not sure how much I will invest in it though, it feels a bit over-done already.

Also, I've been p!ssing about with filters and settings on my camera so this shot is a little over-exposed - on purpose, obviously..!

Saturday 20th August

This little birdie should be nearer the bun...oops

Grey Cardigan:         Topshop
Star print Top:        New Look
Orange Jeans:          H&M
White pumps:           H&M
Blue leather bag:      Topshop
Sunnies:               Anthropologie (LA)
Pearls:                H&M
Nails:                 Illamasqua 'Collide'
Swallow hair thingy:   ASOS


Sophie said...

The little bird accessory is so cute! And congratulations on being short listed for the Look comp!

LaraLainThatsMyName said...

Congrats on making it into our top 20! Best of luck for the final 5! x

priskillan said...

ooh, ive yet to see anything like your "swallow hair thingy". Hahah i quite like. :)

cute outfit!

Temporary:Secretary said...

Love the colour of your nails here, have been looking for a neon pink for ages. I almost for the Ruby And Millie one but I'll definitely check out Illamsqua range first! xxx

Anonymous said...

That outfit looks fab on you!
I'm personally not a fan of stars (I didn't invest in it when they were big a few years' ago!)...

Jules @ A Bit of Jules

fritha louise said...

Love the star print and the colour combo.
Congrats on top 20 too :) x