Friday, 11 March 2011

Come on, Vogue...

Friday 11th March

Apparently my back issues of Vogue are taking up more and more room in Jon's study at home... and he's not happy!

So, as I'm scared I will come home one day to find them gone, I need to decide what to do with them all (there are more than I could fit in the picture - Jon doesnt know the half of it!)

I'm thinking i might take the covers off, then tear out any editorials/adverts I really like & then keep them in date order in a file. Although saying that, I'm not sure I'm happy tearing them to pieces and throwing the unwanted bits away - feels a bit sacrilegious.

Or, I could just hold out and pray we move to a bigger house one day!

Siân x


Becca. said...

they are beautiful!!!!! i still have all my elles dating back to end of 2008 love love love them!


impressive collection ;)