Wednesday, 14 September 2011

2011 Wedding #2

Wedding #2 of 4 - done!

A friend of ours got married a few weeks back and we had another wonderful day celebrating with the gorgeous bride and her new hubby. The weather was freakishly hot - one day of blazing sunshine at the end of a cold rainy week - and the location was beautiful.

As per usual we got a bit merry on champers, wine and a few sneaky shots at the end! I'm ashamed to admit I think I am drunkity drunk drunk in these pictures - although they came out pretty good so maybe that's an approach I should adopt going forward!
Perhaps not the ones I take before work though....

Dress:      Vintage
Belt:       ASOS
Bag:        Miss Selfridge
Bracelet:   H&M
Sunnies:    Anthropologie
Earrings:   ASOS
Wine:       Classy girl, couldn't even put it down for a photo...
Shadow:     The husband


Rania Kelesidou said...

Pretty outfit and your earrings are so cute!

fireplay kumar said...

I want classy look as like you...and luv your red dress, black sunglass,purse and belt...for more detail: