Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Grey, grey day

I think this is the first time I have posted an outfit the same day I wore it! High five! I am definitely getting more organised. Although, I've realised another downside to my early morning shots - check out how tired I look in these pictures! I had better get an early night tonight... aah crap, it's already 9.45pm 10.30!! Woe is me.

So, lack of sleep aside, today I was wearing a maxi skirt and tights. With a jumper. AND a jacket! I will be honest, the jacket didn't make it out the front door (it wasn't quite cold enough) but still...bbbrrrrrr!

Oh, and just so you know - wearing opaque tights under a maxi skirt doesn't make it any less see-through. Woe indeed.

Siân xx
Ps: I am totally in love with this Balmain/Chanel knock-off Zara jacket so expect to see it A LOT over the next few months!

Jacket:     Zara
Jumper:     H&M (old)
Belt:       ASOS
Maxi:       New Look
Boots:      Office
Eye bags:   Money can't buy those bad-boys


'Seriously, what is that..?'


Porcelain complexion said...

That jacket is stunning & looks great with the maxi skirt <3

Anne George said...

Awesome outfit, especially the textural jacket and I love the way those nude shoes brings it all together!